Best New Electronics and Technologies in 2018

Technology is always evolving and each year, leading companies release the best electronic gadgets for users. In 2018, there have already been some amazing products placed on the market and there will surely be more to come. With the best electronic gadgets, users have access to the latest technology and can enjoy more features, better performance and more. Get ready to benefit from the newest cameras, phones, laptops and more in 2018 and take advantage of the best electronic gadgets in the industry.

New 2018 Laptops and Cameras

Users are always looking to upgrade their laptops to the latest models that offer the best performance, so the HP Envy X2 is a device that will turn heads in 2018. This laptop features an all-day battery life and can also be used as a tablet. It includes a stunning 13MP rear camera as well as a front camera of 5MP and the laptop will surely be one of the most powerful ever built by HP.

In the world of camera technology, there are great things to come in 2018. Panasonic is releasing the LUMIX GH5S, which will offer low-light performance, a 10.2 MP sensor and an ISO range of 160-51.200. Looking for a retro device? Check out the Polaroid OneStep 2 Camera. This takes us back to the instant pictures from the 1977 camera from Polaroid and offers a retro design. This instant camera offers 60-day rechargeable batters and photos will take about 15 minutes to develop.

Leading New Phones of 2018

Smartphones are always being enhanced and upgraded and in 2018, users will enjoy the best electronic gadgets with the latest phones from the leading companies. Samsung and Apple are two of the major companies that develop and release new smartphones on a regular basis. In the coming year, both companies will be releasing new phones that will appeal to users and will offer the latest and best new technology.

Apple has announced a new version of the iPhone X, which will be called the Plus version. This new phone will offer a larger size at about 6.3 inches and will also contain better features and faster-operating speeds. It is rumoured that the new device could also offer an LCD screen instead of OLED. This new phone is a low-cost option for those that wish to enjoy the iPhone X features, and while it may not be as futuristic as the current X version, it is a significant step up from the iPhone 8.

Samsung has two new devices that may enter the market in 2018. One is the Galaxy Note 9 which will be an enhanced version of the popular Galaxy Note 8. Users will enjoy a massive software upgrade and will also feature the Snapdragon 845 platform. The other device is the Galaxy X, which will be a foldable smartphone. This will be a compact phone that can fold into a tablet using a hinge in the middle. It will offer two OLED panels and will be packed with apps and features.

Devices with the Best New Technology

There are many different gadgets that are available and each will meet specific needs. From cameras to TVs, the world of technology is ever-changing and there are some of the best electronic gadgets that will be available throughout 2018. Those who are avid gamers will want to watch for the Oculus Go, a headset that will offer a 360-degree 3D experience. This can be used with social games, apps and any other VR software.

For those that have to have the best electronic gadgets and enjoy the party scene, the Proof device is one that may turn some heads. This is a band that is similar to a Fitbit and it will track blood alcohol levels to let one know when it is safe to drive. The band will send an alert when a blood alcohol level has been reached and will also provide an estimate of how long it will take to become sober.

Anyone who loves the world of social media and is always posting on Facebook or Instagram will love the release of Google Clips. This device uses the best new technology available and is able to take pictures and videos using facial recognition. All motion photos that are captured will remain private and can be shared by uploading them to social media sites. This new device is a must-have for anyone that loves to take videos and capture special moments.