About Us

TechDusts is a technology blog giving latest tech news and updates.

You might say, "Well there are a zillion tech blogs, No big deal!"

Right, but our intent is to provide updates in a "Keep It Short & Simple" - KISS kinda format. We make sure that we only write 200 words and then redirect you to the places which are having in-depth detail/analysis of the related story. So, if you don't have time, just read 200 words, if you think it is worth it Follow-Up.

Someone once said "A picture is worth a thousand words"! We try to paste meaningful to the context pictures which are really worth a thousand meaningful words. The agenda is - "reduce the reading time"

Follow-Up is a real challenge for us. We don't add follow-up sites based on how heavy their name is (yeah, we know the traditional media is not worth reading Tech news most of the time). We add Follow-Up based on the quality of content after careful reading and analysis of the story. So, if you think your tech blog can appear in our Follow-Up section then go ahead and let us know about it.

Team TechDusts